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Classic Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions represent the fundamental approach to lash enhancement. In this method, individual extensions are meticulously applied to your natural lashes, resulting in added length and a subtle increase in volume. This timeless technique creates a natural and understated appearance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a graceful, everyday look.

Volume Lashes

Volume Lash Extensions exemplify the artistry of lash enhancements. With this approach, multiple lightweight extensions are skillfully grouped together and applied to each individual natural lash. This creates a fuller, more voluminous effect, making it a popular choice among those desiring a bold and glamorous look for special occasions.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lash Extensions offer a versatile middle ground between Classic and Volume styles. This method combines the precise application of individual extensions with the fuller, voluminous look achieved through Volume Lashes. The result is a balanced appearance that seamlessly combines both natural and dramatic elements, providing you with a versatile lash style that suits various occasions.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume Lash Extensions take volume and drama to the next level. This technique involves the application of numerous ultra-fine extensions in the form of intricate fans to each natural lash. The outcome is a striking, intense look that commands attention and is often chosen for special events and bold fashion statements.

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lash Extensions showcase the pinnacle of lash artistry and precision. With this method, ultra-thin extensions are carefully crafted into delicate fans and applied to individual natural lashes. The result is a breathtaking, multidimensional effect characterized by extreme fullness and texture, making it a top choice for those seeking a highly detailed and captivating look.

Custom Lashes

To cater to many diverse preferences, trends and individual style and eye shape, we offer a range of lash extension styles and techniques that can be customized to your liking including fun colors! 

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