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Elevate your lash extension skills with Dermillusion Academy's 31 page Lash Mapping Workbook. Our comprehensive guide helps perfect your mapping technique in with easy-to-follow instructions, detailed illustrations and practice sheets! If only we had these tools when we started out 10 years ago,  Take it from us, tools like these will save you time and speed up your application and confidence in your career! all it takes is practice  & dedication. Buy now and be on your way  in mastering the art of lash mapping!


Upon purchase, you'll receive immediate access via a personalized password, opening the door to 180 days of learning freedom.

Once your password is created, access your resources seamlessly through via the student login link – your hub for all online learning. Download, print, and engage at your pace, whether for personal practice, training, or skill development.

Harness your creativity, understand patterns, and transform your practice into tangible skills on practice skins. Effortlessly navigate your learning journey. Purchase now and unlock the gateway to digital mastery at

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