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Giving back the git of confidenc

The Dermillusion CARES program is founded by the deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it.  Dermillusion has compassion towards those who have been affected by life altering conditions such as Alopecia, Vitiligo, Burns & Cancer.

With your doctor's referral and Dermillusion application acceptance, we would be pleased to offer a treatment complimentary. We offer this program one day per month. 

If you have experienced any of these traumas or know someone that has and they may be challenged with not being able to pay for such services,  please get in touch with us for more information.  Any one of theses services can make a significant difference in yours or another's life.  Our team would love to help. 

Medical Tattoo Services include :

  • Permanent cosmetics for the eyebrows, eyes & scalp for those with Alopecia 
  • Scar & skin- re - pigmentation for burn victims & Vitiligo sufferers
  • 3D Areola & Nipple re -pigmentation after mastectomy    
  • Cleft lip scar camouflage lip color restoration 
  • Scalp micro pigmentation for those with Alopecia



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