Some things to keep in mind before having an SMP procedure

  • Wash your scalp with a non-abrasive, gentle shampoo the day of your procedure. DO NOT place any gels, hairspray, powders, or fibers on your scalp the day of your treatment.
  • After washing the scalp, moisturize the skin with some form of skin moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated. Doing so will allow the ink to be properly absorbed.
  • Refrain from sun tanning to avoid burning and peeling of the skin.
  • You can bring your phone or iPod to listen to music during the treatment. Phone calls are not allowed during the procedure. There will be breaks every 60 to 90 minutes of the procedure.
  • Scalp preparation – Please do not use a razor on your scalp on the day of the treatment. Shave or cut your hair 48 hours before your scheduled procedure. It is critical that we see all native hair to be able to properly blend the hair follicles. Any redness, breakouts, or infection on the scalp will lead to your appointment being cancelled and rescheduled.



One of the biggest issues after any hair restoration treatment is not knowing what you can do to make sure that you are taking the best care of the area. If you have had an SMP treatment and you are not sure what you should be doing to care for it afterwards, the information below will help.

Will this Help with fading?

Yes, these instructions will help with fading. However, you need to know that fading is common and expected. These guidelines will only help prolong your best result for as long as possible.

It is the best practice to shave your head before your treatment. These are the reasons why:

  • It will reduce the shock loss.
  • It is better to see any and all imperfections that will need to be covered with the treatment.
  • If you suffer from dry skin, you will be able to treat the dry skin before the treatment begins.
  • If you have a tan or a sunburn, you will be able to give your scalp time to even out the contrast in color.


The most important thing is moisturizing. You will get a better result if you do this at least 3-4 times a day for 2 to 3 days before your treatment. This will help give your dermillusionist a better canvas to work on without any dry spots to slow down the result.


After Each Session

It is important that you follow all the post-op instructions indicated. The after-care of your SMP treatment will ultimately lead to a better result for you.

  • Do not wash your head for 3 days following the treatment.
  • Take a break from the gym, saunas, beaches, or other places where you might sweat.
  • On Day 4, you can use water to wash your scalp and start to moisturize.
  • A gentle facial cleanser is recommended for cleaning the scalp after a week.
  • Sunbathing, exfoliating, or heavy sweating should be avoided for roughly 1 month after the final treatment.

You can return to all regular activities after 1-month post-treatment.



It is important that you keep your aftercare as simple as possible. There is no need to complicate the process. If you follow the basic guidelines, you can rest assured that our SMP specialist will give you a result that you will love. Here are a few basic long-term guidelines to help you maintain your scalp micro-pigmentation results:

  • Make sure that you wear the proper sun protection every time you are in the sun, particularly for the scalp, so that you can protect the pigmentation.
  • Avoid tanning beds.
  • Avoid any cosmetics or other hair care products that contain a high value of alcohol.
  • Use exfoliating cleanser as well as moisturize each day


 Please contact us for any questions.