Master the Art of Lash & Brows with our Triple Certification Course





Day 1: Lash Lift and Eyebrow Lamination

  • Introduction to Lash Lift
  • Hands-On Practice: Lash Lift
  • Introduction to Eyebrow Lamination
  • Hands-On Practice: Eyebrow Lamination
  • Client Consultation Practice
  • Live Model Practice: Lash Lift and Eyebrow Lamination

Day 2: Henna Eyebrows with Mapping and Shaping

  • Introduction to Henna Eyebrows
  • Hands-On Practice: Henna Eyebrow Application
  • Mapping and Shaping for Perfect Eyebrows
  • Live Model Practice: Henna Eyebrows
  • Student Kit Distribution and Course Recap

Additional Information:

  • Models: Students are required to bring in two live models for the hands-on practice sessions on both days. Models will be under instructor supervision and guidance throughout.
  • Student Kit: The provided student starter kit includes all necessary products and tools for Eyebrow Lamination, Lash Lift, and Henna Eyebrow services, sufficient for 50 clients.
  • Q&A and Interaction: Open discussion and Q&A sessions will be encouraged throughout the course to ensure a thorough understanding of the techniques


A well-rounded Brow Henna student kit is meticulously curated to provide students with the essential tools and products necessary to embark on their journey towards mastering the art of Brow Henna application. Within this kit, professional items have been chosen to facilitate learning and hands-on practice to begin creating beautiful brows:

Henna Products:

  • Assorted shades of Brow Henna, facilitating the exploration of color customization.
  • Henna developer or activator to achieve optimal results.
  • Mixing implements such as spatulas and mixing cups for precise preparation.

Application Tools:

  • Brow brushes and spoolies, indispensable for shaping and skillful henna application.
  • Precision tweezers, facilitating the art of eyebrow grooming and shaping.
  • Eyebrow scissors, ensuring the precise trimming of excess hair.

Preparation and Cleansing:

  • Pre-application cleanser playing a crucial role in preparing the eyebrows for henna application.
  • Disposable microbrushes or cotton swabs, essential for thorough cleansing and priming.

Mapping and Design Tools:

  • Eyebrow pencil & mapping string, instrumental for accurate brow mapping and design.
  • Eyebrow measuring caliper, aids in the quest for symmetrical beauty.

Client Consultation and Aftercare:

  • Consultation forms, enabling meticulous client record keeping.
  • Aftercare instructions, empowering clients with the knowledge to preserve their beautiful results.

Training Materials:

  • Instructional manual serving as comprehensive guide to Brow Henna techniques.
  • Access to online training resources or video tutorials, enriching the learning experience. ( FOR ONLINE THEORETICAL LEARNING ONLY)

Practice Materials:

  • Practice skin i
  • Practice sheets serving as canvases for design exploration and refinement while practicing.

Miscellaneous Supplies:

  • A mixing palette or dish, essential for precise color blending.
  • Tissues or cotton pads, readily available for cleanup.


What is included in the 2-day triple certification course?

  • The comprehensive course covers eyebrow Henna application and mapping, along with eyebrow lamination and lash lift techniques. Participants receive hands-on training, professional kits, and course materials for each service.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Ideal for beauty professionals, estheticians, makeup artists, or anyone looking to gain expertise in eyebrow enhancement, mapping, lash lift, and brow lamination. No prior experience is required.

What will I learn in this triple certification course?

  • The course covers eyebrow Henna application, mapping, lash lift techniques, and various styles of brow lamination. You'll master personalized design, safety protocols, and client consultations for each service.

What's included in the kits for each service?

  • Professional kits for eyebrow Henna, mapping, lash lift, and brow lamination include high-quality products, tools, and accessories necessary for the course and future practice.

Will I receive certificates for each service upon completion?

  • Yes, participants successfully completing the course will receive individual certifications for eyebrow Henna, mapping, lash lift, and brow lamination.

Do I need to bring any tools or products?

  • No need to bring anything! Professional kits for each service and all necessary materials are provided. Just come with enthusiasm and readiness to learn.

Do we work on live models during the course?

  • Yes, you'll work on 2 live models under instructor supervision for 2 hours each. Sessions cover consultation, mapping, design, application, and discussions. While it's ideal to bring your models, we have a model list available if needed.

Is there a fee for student models?

  • Yes, a minimal student model fee of $25 for the triple certification course. This fee contributes towards the supplies used during your learning.

Is ongoing support available after the course?

  • Absolutely! We offer continuous support through resources, forums, and networking opportunities to help you refine your skills and stay updated on the latest eyebrow and lash enhancement trends.

Can I start offering these services immediately after the course?

  • Certainly! The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills needed to start offering eyebrow Henna, mapping, lash lift, and brow lamination services right away.

How do I enroll in the course?

  • Enrollment is simple! Visit our website, select the desired date, and follow the easy registration process. Secure your spot and embark on an exciting journey into the world of triple certification in eyebrow enhancement.


IMPORTANT: To secure your training, simply choose your learning option. You can choose to pay in full or choose the PAY THE DEPOSIT OPTION to secure your spot.
If you would like to opt to make Flexible payments towards your course please contact us @ info@dermillusion or Call/Text at 587 400 0011.
*All deposits are non refundable. The funds are transferrable up to one time to another course.
Once you have made your payment, a Dermillusion Team member will contact you with in 48 hours of payment. Please fill in your contact details during the payment process.

  • Average Scenario:

    Charging an average of $75 - $90 per treatment results in substantial profits per session. With each service under an hour, envision doubling your weekly profit potential.

    Cost per Treatment (Standard Supplies):

    • For the lowest estimate: $5.00 (Supplies) = $5.00
    • For the highest estimate: $10.00 (Supplies) = $10.00
    • The range for the cost per treatment is $5.00 - $10.00.

    Average Service Charge:

    The average service charge is between $75 and $90.

    Profit per Treatment:

    Calculated by subtracting the total cost per treatment from the average service charge.

    • For the lowest estimate: $75 - $5.00 = $70.00
    • For the highest estimate: $90 - $10.00 = $80.00

    Service Duration:

    Each service, whether it's henna eyebrows, lash lift, or eyebrow lamination, takes 1 hour to complete

    Weekly Profit (1 session/day):

    Conservative scenario

    Treating 1 client per day, 5 times a week, results in a weekly profit ranging from $350 - $400!

    Weekly Profit (3 clients/day):

    Treating 3 clients per day, 5 times a week, results in a weekly profit ranging from $1,050.00 to $1,200.00!

Ready to Boost Your Biz, Beautypreneurs?

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As fellow beauty business owner's, we get the hustle. Unleash your artistic prowess and delight your clients with these services.

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Our course isn't just about skills; it's an investment in your financial prosperity and client base expansion.

🌐 Your Beauty Biz will Thank You:

Enroll now and discover the financial rewards and client satisfaction that come with mastering henna eyebrows, lash lift, and eyebrow lamination. Your success story begins here! 💫

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